Rick Hanley

January 7, 2021

From an early age, Rick was immersed in retail and consumer marketing. Watching his father operate a chain of department stores sparked his ongoing fascination with business, numbers, and operations. These early experiences led him to a finance career spanning roles in technology, retail, marketing, and CPG. He has led teams in FP&A, Sales Finance and New Business Development. Startups and business valuation continue to be a recurring theme throughout his career.

Rick is the CFO of Marxent, a technology-based 3D design and visualization company aimed at simplifying the consumer buying experience. Current responsibilities include finance, HR, pricing, operations, investor relations, and fundraising. During Rick’s tenure, Marxent has raised just under $19MM of venture capital and grown from three employees to almost 70 today.

Rick describes himself as obsessed with solving puzzles. His “superhero ability” is converting ideas into numbers, thereby accelerating the ideation process by quickly digesting complex business cases into key variables, and providing a litmus test for success.