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Excellence through Executive Engagement

Wave mentors are essential to furthering our mission because they guide Accelerator members through the process of building, launching, and growing a successful tech startup. Wave mentors are industry experts who are determined to make meaningful, strategic relationships with Wave Accelerator members.

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Why Executive Mentorship?

It is no secret that mentorship is one of the most valuable assets for growth. Tampa Bay Wave has taken that value and given it exponential impact by engaging local founders and CEOs who have built companies and had significant exits. These entrepreneurs have proven their skill and ability and we are happy to have them as our Executive Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

Program Benefits

  • Individual attention from the area’s most successful entrepreneurs
  • Active engagement with those who understand your needs and struggles
  • Access to networks and resources that grow your company
  • Advocates for your success

Our Member Companies

Mentor Network

Mentorship is an integral part of the Tampa Bay Wave experience. We are motivated to connect Wave accelerator members with mentors who are aligned with their business goals, values, and vision. Our mentors are invested in entrepreneurs who are building the future of Tampa Bay’s tech startup ecosystem. One of the many benefits of being a Wave accelerator member is that you will be able to connect with mentors who will help you on your journey of building a successful tech company.

Andrew Adams, Sr.

Sr. Executive at Adams Consulting

Tina Agustiady

Salma Benkabbou

Lead Legal Strategist at The Benkabbou Law Firm, PLLC

John Blake

CEO at Authorio Digital LLC

Bernie Borges

Co-founder, CMO at Vengreso

Greg Bosl

Deon Bradley

Michael Branca

Brent Britton

Nicholas Brunner

Tom Butts

VP of Product Management at Digi

Daniel Caccamo

Santo Cannone

Jordan Casal

Linda Cassaly

Director of Operations at Connectwise

Nelson Castellano

Peter Christian

Jeffrey Damm

Sana Branding + Marketing

Chandra Clines

Kimberly Crum

Former Director of Human Resources/Chief HR Officer at City of Tampa

Ricardo Daza

Madeline Dent

Tony Dibenedetto

Katheryne Downes

David Eason

Hal Edwards

Jamie Egasti

Cliff Emmons

CEO of IIoT-Oxys and Founder and President of Accelerated Healthcare Innovations

Steven Fiske

Head of Product at Hivelocity

Doug Garis

Bill Geiser

Jeff Goble

Kevin Goodwin

Benjamin Gordon

Former CTO and Co-Founder at Cabinets.com

Jim Gossett

Leela Gray

Brigadier General (Retired), U.S. Army

JR Griggs

President, Red Wall Marketing

Rick Hanley

CFO, Marxent Labs

Brandon Heitman

Chad Jaquays

Josh Jaquish

Vice President at DXC Technology

Danyell Jones

Financial Advisor | CMO | Owner
Raymond James | CrownMed | MMG

Jon Katz

Kelly Kavanaugh

Stephen Kelly

Shareholder at Hill Ward Henderson

Stewart Kelly

Account Executive - Large Group, Florida Blue

Debbie Lundberg

Steve MacDonald

Sam MallikarjunanSam Mallikarjunan

Marc Mandt

Skip Marshall

Vice President and CTO of Tribridge

Kailah Matyas

Managing Partner, Redwood Partners

Marc Matyas

Cameron Mccaskill

Sr. Director of Business Development at Qualcomm

Sean Mccoy

Christopher Mcelveen

George McGourty

Partner at Arriba Advisors LLC

Matthew McNulty

Kyle Melear

Troy Michels

José Morey, M.D.

John Morrow

Richard Munassi, MD, MBA

Dominic Natale

Shane Needham

Susan Nieland

Nick Outman

Brett Owens

Enrico Palumbo

Tom Panaggio

Dennis Panos

Chuck Papageorgiou

Penny Parks

Kalpesh Patel

Corporate & Technology Attorney at FL Patel Law PLLC

Andrea Paul

Co-Founder and Chief Medical officer of Board Vitals

Arnie Perez

Greg Pierce

Chief Cloud Officer at DXC Concerto Cloud Services

Eric Pilcher

Partner at Cherry Bekaert

Janice Pratt

Owner/President, Proforma JP Marcom Advantage

Lance Raab

Emmanuel Ramos

Senior Vice President, Operations at Trellance

David Reader

Candice Rezvanian

Dan Rodriguez

Mario Rodriquez

Steve Rosen

Klaus Schaefer

Shoaib Shaikh

Steve Simmons

Executive Vice President of Compliance Services at A-LIGN

Ramit Singh

Jane Sadd Smalec

Senior Consultant

Robyn Spoto

Thomas Stanton

Kim Stebbings

Kostas Stoilas

Managing Member, Fortress Commercial Real Estate

Andy Swenson

CEO of Delbridge Group

Christopher Tain

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at eWorkSuccess

Tania Tawil

Former VP of Partner Development/Strategic Alliances at Vibes

Gerwai Todd

Gwen Tormey

VP Strategy & Operations at Corestream

Marshall Tucker

Thomas Vacca

Jason Warnke

Managing Director at Accenture

David Whelan

Eric Williams

Scott Winston

Co-Founder / COO, Business Impact Networks

Margaret Wong

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What They Say


There is amazing energy around the tech startup community in Tampa Bay.  As a Wave mentor, I’ve had the opportunity to work with impressive entrepreneurs with exciting solutions.  Supporting their success and that of our region is truly rewarding.

Santo Cannone
Mentor, Entrepreneur in Residence, Board Member

The Tampa Bay Wave has been an important part of the RxLive team since the very beginning. The Wave’s post accelerator resources – in particular the ongoing engagement with an excellent mentor network – has been extremely helpful. Our involvement with the Wave continues to pay dividends in terms of access to capital, exposure and insight.

Mark Engelen
Co-Founder & CEO, RxLive