Jeff Goble

January 7, 2021

Jeff is a retired, US Army Special Forces Colonel, with over 30 years of incredible leadership experiences throughout the world. He continues to serve by working with business leaders and other professionals, community and government leaders, and veterans of all walks of life to help them be better leaders and have impact in their organizations. He has over a decade of expertise in strategic planning and executive leadership, and an award-winning track record of managing complex problems, integrating multi-disciplinary international teams, improving organizational effectiveness, and producing strategic solutions. His career highlights include director of strategic planning for a global strategic military command; transforming a professional university into a nationally accredited, graduate degree producing institution; city manager of a military installation with a population of 10,000 and an annual budget of $150 million, and leadership of a multi-national military task force with 3000+ people from 16 different nations. Jeff’s Special Forces experience and world travels give him a unique perspective on living and communicating with people in varied settings and cultures. With a dynamic and very engaging approach to his audience, Jeff is known as an enlightening “Edutainer”. His educational and entertaining seminars are loaded with personal anecdotes, humor, and some candid advice that provide value to professionals from start-up founders to C-Suite executives looking to be successful in the international marketplace.