Christopher Mcelveen

January 8, 2021

Chris has been researching, designing, and creating solutions to efficiency problems for over a decade. He has been an active options trader for over eight years and has secured many winning trades. He has been a part of several technology startups in Tampa and Silicon Valley. Years of research and field experience contribute to Chris’s refined understanding of data. Throughout Chris’s education, his fields of research have spanned the studies of physics and number theory. In 2015, he helped program Flow Crpyt, the second most downloaded end to end email encryption app in the Google Play Store, with over 20,000 active users. Most recently, he worked as a Geographic Information Systems Analyst which honed his holistic view of data science. Chris’s passion for tech has led to competing in hackathons and mentoring tech startups. He is a former collegiate javelin and hammer thrower and promoter of tolerance and teamwork. His keen interest in large file transmission technologies inspired the birth of LogN and its pending patent.