Tampa Bay Wave – 2022 CyberTech|X DEMO DAY


April 6


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Demo Day

2022 CTX CyberTech|X Accelerator DEMO DAY
Tampa Bay Wave is proud to feature our 2022 CyberTech|X Accelerator DEMO DAY!

Tampa Bay Wave Demo Day

We are excited to invite you to our exclusive, investor-focused DEMO DAY sponsored by Florida Funders. Demo Days offer the opportunity to increase your deal flow by meeting the newest cohort of companies in the 2022 CyberTech|X Accelerator, powered by: A-LIGN, KnowBe4, Bellini Better World Foundation, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Additional support has been provided by EY and Bank of America.


This cohort is made up of fifteen promising cybersecurity technology companies from around around the world, including 6 international companies.

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Meet the Cohort!

Caliola Engineering | Colorado Springs, CO

Caliola® designs innovative products to ensure secure and reliable communication. Our OverKey® cybersecurity product radically simplifies the deployment of military-grade encryption ensuring critical networks and infrastructure are secured.

CloudWize | Netanya, Israel

CloudWize is a no-code platform for maximum cloud security and compliance. A single platform that automates security protection regardless of where the underlying services and compute reside. CloudWize simplifies the complete picture of all cloud pillars (security, performance, cost, operations, and compliance).

Crashtest Security | Munich, Germany

Crashtest Security offers a DAST scanner, that supports agile development teams to release continuously secure web apps and APIs through black box scanning.

Lessontrek | Seattle, WA

Lessontrek is a modern and secure, online Software as a Service that delivers and tracks cyber training. It provides real life threat intel and vulnerabilities fixed by Microsoft. Lessontrek is owned and operated by a US Navy veteran with 10 years of startup and Fortune 500 experience in the Silicon Valley and at Microsoft on the frontlines of cybersecurity.

Memi Corporation | Winnipeg, Canada

A frictionless identity management and verification platform, Memi enables users to authenticate each other and to businesses using a centralized platform while protecting the user’s personal information. Each Memi user is linked to a government issued photo ID, providing verified and trusted user data.

Metapyxl | Delaware City, DE

Metapyxl is a digital content authentication software providing solutions to address vulnerabilities associated with protecting, authenticating, tracking & licensing digital media. Giving creators a peer-to-peer trusted marketplace to safely distribute their protected content.

NUTS Technologies Inc. | Glencoe, IL

Revolutionizing hybrid cloud technologies with the world’s first smart data container designed for the network making your data Simply Private. Our secure modular data containers protect your data in any environment without the need of centralized access controls.

Ragnarok | Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Ragnarok is a cloud cyber storage startup offering a solution to the growing problem in ransomware. We decentralize and secure cloud storage using our unique technology to make the data stored quantum-safe and secure it against a host of vulnerabilities, from data breaches to misconfigurations.

Redactable | New York, NY

Redactable helps companies permanently redact their confidential documents. Our proprietary Redaction Wizard engages secure redaction architecture to ensure that your data is truly eradicated. Most of all, our seamless deployment method guarantees that your confidential documents never leave your private network.

Sequretek | Woodbridge, NJ

Sequretek is an enterprise cybersecurity company with solutions in the areas of enterprise security monitoring, detection and response (XDR), identity access governance and authentication (IGA), endpoint threat detection and response (EDR).

Sicura | Baltimore, MD

Sicura is a new way of achieving compliance, in high-security, highly-regulated industries. We work with your existing automation and security tools to enforce and prove a compliant baseline across your IT landscape. Sicura enables you to meet technical controls of common compliance regulations, avoid errors and misconfigurations, and prevent security drift by providing automated remediation for your IT infrastructure.

Snowpack | Paris, France

With Snowpack, Become Invisible. Snowpack combines privacy and security in a unique overlay network to make you (and your data) invisible on the Internet.

TEKRiSQ, Inc. | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

TEKRiSQ drives cybersecurity maturity in Small & Medium sized Businesses (SMBs). We align with trusted advisors using our engagement platform to identify, communicate, and remediate risk in a streamlined fashion. We broaden our value through data exchange to update, report, validate and make remediations auditable by trusted advisors in real-time.

Transmosis | Phoenix, AZ

Transmosis is a cybersecurity workforce developer that enables American workers to develop careers in the growing information security industry. Transmosis is the creator of transmosisONE, a Fortune 5000 cybersecurity platform designed to protect SMBs from cyber attack with integrated cyber liability coverage.

Trust Stamp | Atlanta, GA

Trust Stamp secures biometric and personal information without removing its utility, enabling institutions to deploy biometric systems without the risk of biometric data theft.

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