Grow Tampa Bay Here

October 21, 2019

Grow Tampa Bay Here by Chandra Clines, Manager Tax & Accounting Services with Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund

Technology is the future.  Over 50% of the jobs will be automated.  We need more diversity in tech.  If you listen to headlines, it is apparent how important technology companies will be in the future.  Tampa Bay is behind.  But Tampa has been ranked the best city for women to start a business. 

The Tampa Bay Wave supports diverse companies directly through specific initiatives and indirectly through their culture.  The Wave supports tech-enabled companies from building all the way through acquisition. 

In my nearly three years as a mentor, I have seen companies land funding, partnerships, and win competitions.  I believe in the programming because I have seen how far the coaching can take a company.  I have seen companies that couldn’t pitch when they started to come out of Demo Day with requests from a dozen investors. 

As a tax CPA, I advise on tax structuring, accounting systems, stock options, and more.  As Rene with Lazarillo says, “Chandra’s mentorship helped me understand much better how taxes work in the US, been from Chile and opening a company for the first time in the US this help me be more confident in my next steps.” 

The energy at the Wave is contagious.  And I love these passionate entrepreneurs.    I volunteer because I believe in the future and I believe Tampa has a large role to play in getting there.

There are three primary ways to support tech companies: mentorship and connections, direct investment, and customer acquisition.  Additionally, you can support organizations such as the Tampa Bay Wave by volunteering and/or giving.  The Wave has recently partnered with Harness to make monthly giving so easy.

Founder Miraj believes in the Wave and giving back, “Our partnership with the Tampa Bay Wave is a true testament to the camaraderie and community that the Wave has helped develop & foster in Tampa Bay over the past decade. Strong local partners like the Wave & Saltmarsh are what helps our tech ecosystem thrive. There’s doing business, then there’s doing business, together. Thanks to the local support we receive, Harness is able to carry out our mission & proudly serve hundreds of non-profits in the Tampa Bay area and beyond!” 

I personally give monthly through this new partnership, and you can too by texting WAVE to 43506.

If you believe technology is the future I highly recommend you investigate if there are any ways you can help the Wave or its member companies.