Listen: The Power of Peer-To-Peer Education with Samyr Qureshi of Knack

July 11, 2018

Co-founder and CEO of Knack, Samyr Qureshi, sat down with MarketScale’s education technology podcast to discuss the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) education and the power of learning from others. Their mission is to help students discover and deliver their Knack.

Knack recruits and connects college students to helping their peers in a fully academia based setting. Matched with a list of other students who also took a course at a university with the same professor, Knack then links them to connect in person 1-on-1 or in a group.

Qureshi got the idea for Knack while learning to play the guitar and getting some help from a friend who was much more experienced than he was.

“The power of learning from somebody whose style I admired. and who could relate to my level of where I was playing is what really struck me as being different from traditional instruction,” Qureshi said. “It was done in the comfort of my own home and it just seemed to be a lot more organic and thats when I started to think about the power of peer-to-peer.”

Research has also proven that P2P education can be more comprehensive in terms of the level of understanding, more enjoyable, and ultimately more effective.

A Wave launch stage company, Knack gives students the best platform to build, sharpen, and showcase their skills not just to their peers, but to future employers as well.

Listen to the complete interview with Knack Co-founder and CEO Samyr Qureshi.