Listen: Creating digital legacies for seniors with David Sawyer from TSOLife

July 3, 2018

David Sawyer, Founder/CEO of Wave company TSOLife, sat down with MarketScale’s software & technology podcast to discuss creating digital legacies for seniors.

TSOLife (The Story Of Life), a Wave launch stage company,was founded after Sawyer’s grandmother passed, and he realized he never captured many of her life stories.

The problem they’re trying to solve? Intergenerational disconnection. The solution? Recording oral history to pass on to future generations.

The company created a streamlined approach to software integration and automation to generate purposeful content for families to cherish and share. TSOLife collects the interview content by partnering with senior living organizations. The final product is an interactive online account that families will cherish for future generations.

“Every time someones passes away and they haven’t had the opportunity to record their life story is just another grandkid that will never get to know their grandparent better. That’s the vision thats driving us internally,” Sawyer said. “Every life story deserves to be remembered.”

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