Wave collaborates with FIBA to provide pitch coaching to accelerator members

May 29, 2018

Tampa Bay Wave is bringing its renowned pitch coaching to Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) to offer FIBA’s accelerator members actionable guidance on how to successfully secure investments through improved startup pitching. The collaborative relationship between the two accelerator programs is one that will provide invaluable resources to its community members to help contribute to the continued growth of Tampa Bay’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Tampa Bay Wave is a globally-recognized accelerator program that helps tech entrepreneurs build, launch, 


and grow their startups into breakout businesses. Launched in 2016 by the Tampa Jewish Community Centers & Federation, FIBA is a technology accelerator designed to establish and grow successful, high-growth tech ventures in the Tampa Bay area.

Benefits of Wave’s Pitch Coaching

One of the key benefits of Wave’s accelerator program is the pitch coaching that accelerator members receive as they go through the program.

Wave’s accelerator members often call pitch coaching as a key resource that has helped them drastically improve their pitching, while also refining their message.

“I think entrepreneurs have the tendency to be ‘in the weeds’ when it comes to their business and industry.  They forget the rest of the world and the investment community doesn’t speak their language. I was no exception!” said Mark Engelen, CEO, Co-Founder of RxLive. “The Wave’s program and pitch coaching process were invaluable because it focused my deck and allowed me to deliver my pitch in a way my core audience [investors] understood – lending instant credibility to my company.  I think my experience at the Wave was instrumental in helping me raise my $500k seed round and the pitch and deck specifically have held up to the highest levels of scrutiny – including drawing praise at this year’s Harvard Business School New Venture Competition.”

RxLive is a concierge telehealth service that connects patients and expert pharmacists in a secure, private and personal way. RxLive is a member of Wave’s accelerator program at the Build level.

Pitching is essential for startup entrepreneurs to secure investments and business opportunities. From 30-second elevator pitches to 10-minute pitch competitions, it is essential for entrepreneurs to know how to effectively pitch their business to potential investors.

“Before an investor can fall in love with the business, they have to fall in love with the pitch. This is something every entrepreneur needs to excel at, and the Wave pitch committee has been exceptional at providing actionable feedback from successful entrepreneurs and experienced investors,” said David Sawyer, CEO, Co-Founder of TSOLife. “Often when pitching to outside investors, they will pass without any specific feedback or advice. The Wave committee fixes that information gap and allows entrepreneurs to improve their odds of having successful raises.”

TSOLife preserve your loved one’s legacy by capturing the life stories of you or your family member in compelling films. TSOLife is a tech startup that is a member of Wave’s accelerator program at the Launch level.

“The Wave’s pitch coaching was a tremendous help. It was great to practice and gain confidence pitching in front of others, though even more valuable was the comments and perspective from the coaches after the pitch,” said Jeremy Gamble, Founder of SimpleShowing. “They helped me see gaps and opportunities for improvement, while sharing insight that made my pitch more compelling for investors.”

SimpleShowing allows homebuyers to book property showings, on-demand, without an agent. SimpleShowing is a tech startup that is a member of Wave’s accelerator program at the Launch level.

Pitch coaching is not just about getting up on a stage and presenting your business in an effective manner. Entrepreneurs also have to make sure that their slide deck efficiently complements their pitch by adding value, not distracting from the key message, and targeting their audience with a strong brand voice. It is also important for entrepreneurs to know key body languages that assist in solidifying their professional presence.

Community Collaboration with FIBA

FIBA is well-known in the Tampa Bay community, Israel, and beyond for its entrepreneurial resources in helping tech companies receive the key resources it needs to scale their businesses and reach their full growth potential in the United States.

Wave is proud to be able to bring its pitch coaching to FIBA’s members to contribute to FIBA’s track record for helping tech entrepreneurs.

“We believe that Tampa Bay Wave is part of the larger entrepreneurial support ecosystem, and we are always looking for opportunities to partner and collaborate to help tech startups build, launch, grow, and thrive right here in Tampa Bay,” said Lance Raab, Wave Board Member and Launch Entrepreneur-in-Residence. “We look forward to working with the exciting startups that are part of the FIBA Launch program.”

As FIBA prepares for the next cohort of its FIBA Launch program, FIBA is also excited for its members to get additional resources for their continued company growth.

“We are so excited about the opportunity to put the FIBA companies through the same rigorous preparation Lance and his team have established at Wave,” said Rachel Feinman, Executive Director of FIBA. “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the Wave and other entrepreneurial support organizations wherever possible.”

Tampa Bay Wave and FIBA regularly collaborate with one another because of the mutually-beneficial relationship and common mission to accelerate the growth of tech startups. Wave worked with FIBA during Startup Surge, which is mentor speed dating event hosted by the Wave. Several of FIBA’s accelerator members were able to be mentored by Wave’s mentors to gain startup feedback and guidance. FIBA’s accelerator companies also pitched their startups at Wave’s monthly Pitch Nights.

Contribution to Tampa Bay Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

It is no surprise that Tampa Bay is quickly becoming a top-performing entrepreneurial ecosystem with startups regularly launching and exiting. Entrepreneurial organizations like Tampa Bay Wave and FIBA are representative of the collaborative culture in Tampa Bay where organizations are working together to further the growth of our ecosystem. Collaborative relationships like the one between Tampa Bay Wave and FIBA will accelerate the success of the local ecosystem.

“A clear and concise pitch is critical for any startup, whether they are looking to raise capital or to close customers,” said Richard Munassi, TechDiversity Cohort Director and Wave’s Mentor of the Year. “The Wave’s Pitch Coaching Committee is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors that help shape startups’ messaging and help prepare founders for the tough questions that will come from venture capital firms and subject matter experts; this leads to a local ecosystem where startups are in a better position to succeed and foster their ideas to disrupt the status quo.”

For more information on Tampa Bay Wave’s accelerator program, visit here: https://www.tampabaywave.org/accelerator/

For more information about FIBA’s accelerator program, visit here: http://www.fiba.io/