Trucks on Demand and Metropolitan Ministries Team Up This Holiday Season

October 26, 2016

This holiday season, Trucks on Demand and Metropolitan Ministries are changing how you donate to those in need. Wave is proud to have Trucks on Demand onboard as one of our Launch phase companies. Their TODXL app connects consumers to a pay-for-truck service, providing access to a large pickup truck driven by an approved Trucks on Demand driver. With this app and a new partnership with Metropolitan Ministries (the largest charitable organization in the Tampa Bay area), holiday donating is experiencing a revolution! Trucks on Demand removes the hassle and time consuming process of loading up your donations, driving to the drop-off point and unloading by coming to you.

After the connection was made by Pario Solutions CEO and WaVE partner David Eason, TOD founder Reggie Wood and MM CEO and Director of Operations Tim Marks and Scott Fink, the two organizations met to discuss a potential partnership.

“I had the opportunity to be a part of the CEO council that worked on the startup pitch competition. There, I got to know Reggie and who Trucks on Demand was and what they wanted to do. I also serve on the Philanthropic Council so I have [come] to know Tim and have a pretty good idea of what Metropolitan Ministries’ mission is. When I mentioned TOD to Mark, he became very excited about the possibilities.”

Concluding a successful meeting, MM decided that TOD and their new app will not only fill their pickup and delivery needs, it will completely streamline their current donation pick-up system.

“The holiday season is a really busy time for us,” said Metropolitan Ministries CEO Tim Marks. “We spend a lot on trucking to pick up and deliver our donations. We also have a lot of people with the goods to donate, but not the means to get them to us. We feel that Trucks on Demand is the perfect partner to help us overcome these challenges.”

Over 70% of Hillsborough county public school students live in households at or below the poverty line, signifying the need for an extensive donation network. This partnership is a win-win-win for both organizations and the Tampa Bay community. Not only does a local new business, Trucks on Demand, gain a partnership with a well-known community leader, Metropolitan Ministries gains a better, more cost-effective service to pick up and deliver donations. All the while, the community is planning to donate and deliver a record amount of items this holiday season.

So remember, as you gather your old clothes, toys and donations, then use the TODXL app to have them picked up. Not only are you patronizing an exciting local start-up, you are helping Metropolitan Ministries deliver the best holiday season they can to those in need.