UberEATS its Way Around Tampa

September 7, 2016

We have officially reached the golden age of technology that Wall-E predicted for us. A world where everything we could ever need is within reach of our cellphones and I’ve got to say, it’s exciting. Gone are the days of calling ahead, driving to the restaurant and waiting curbside for your food, UberEATS is bringing your favorite local restaurants straight to your door with the press of a button.

Wave was fortunate enough to be given some promo codes to test out the service and boy did we put it to work. After more than 6 dozen donuts, a dozen rolls of sushi, 9 smoothies, hamburgers, cake and honestly more meals I can’t even remember at this point, it’s safe to say UberEATS was up to the task. Your menu is only limited by the restaurants not listed on UberEATS, and there are not many of those. The app lists all relevant restaurants, prices and distances available to the user and just like the traditional Uber app, users can follow the order all the way to their house. Even after all the orders, food never took longer than 30 minutes to reach our location, a significant increase from most food delivery services out there.   Setting themselves apart from the competition, UberEATS doesn’t even charge for delivery, you only pay for the cost of the food and tax. There is also no minimum purchase amount, allowing users to buy literally anything down to a cup of coffee. UberEATS is the food delivery service of the future and here at Wave we are thrilled to help them get off the ground here in Tampa.