Tampa Bay Wave Member UpValet Receives Major Investment

September 21, 2016

In this day and age you can order and purchase almost anything through your cellphone, why is car buying any different? With this attitude, UpValet is looking to change the way we go to the dealership and buy a car. Gone are the days of eating free stale popcorn and reading expired magazines while waiting for the salesmen to return with a price… Or at least they will be soon. UpValet is a smart phone/tablet app that abbreviates and streamlines the car buying process at a dealership, by combining lot inventory, sales paperwork, customer directory and test driving scheduling into one easy to use app. Through this app, UpValet is able to shorten the car buying process by up to 60-70%.

Their investor, LotVantage is a leading digital marketing firm for various types of automotive dealers. By partnering with UpValet, LotVantage can help dealerships better control and advertise their inventory, while also creating a better customer engagement experience. This can give people a better understanding of what they are looking for so they can come to the dealership informed, confident and ready to make a purchase.

“LotVantage made perfect sense for us. I’m very excited to have our companies working close together so we can provide innovative services to dealers that help them sell more and streamline the buying process” said Ty Mathen, UpValet President and CEO.