How UX Benefits Your Homepage

August 4, 2016

Incorporating the user experience (UX) into your website has drastic positive affects. Your web page is the face of your business and it speaks volumes to a consumer about your business, directly effecting how your business is perceived in the digital space. Sites incorporating UX best practices increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, increase sales, and benefit the community in the long run. Here’s how it works:

Customer Satisfaction: The customer should be able to immediately discern what your company does and offers, as well as pinpoint the benefits and features of your offerings. These benefits should be backed by real life stories of other customer’s user experiences. Increased customer satisfaction will increase referrals,  which are the easiest and most beneficial form of advertising.

Cost Reduction: UX sites reduce costs by alleviating time and money spent on web advertising and website upkeep. Thus enabling businesses to spend their time and money on other more pertinent tasks. Creating a well designed website (sometimes just an FAQ section) allows customers to do what they need to without needing help from customer support.

Increased Sales: Well designed and easy to navigate sites allow customers to quickly find the information they need.  For example, if your site has a link to “the cart” where customers can customize an order, they will be more inclined to buy. They will also share the convenience of their buying experience with friends and family; telling them how quick and easy it was to make their purchase and get on with their day.

Community Benefits: Businesses taking care of their customers also enable their customers to take care of the business. This creates a system of synergy between the customer and the business where each party benefits form each other’s service.  It is mutually beneficial!

The User Experience (UX) is the keystone to long term profitability. Placing a professional platform within reach of the customer shows them the business cares about their experience. Each customer wants to feel special and capitalizing on UX with your website achieves just that.