PikMyKid Gaining Ground

June 30, 2016


Do you wait FOREVER in line to pick your kid up from school? PikMyKid founder, Pat Bhava, discovered that school pick up lines are operated through walkie-talkies, signs and clipboards. This inspired Bhava and another father to create an app that automates pick up lines and makes them more efficient.

First Wave Accelerator participant, Pik-My-Kidtakes the pain out of picking your child up from school by notifying the school you’ve arrived and are in line. The app responds to a geo – fence surrounding the school. Once a driver enters the school perimeter, there is an automatic digital hand shake within the PikMyKid app. Then, school staff and students instantly see that a parent has arrived as well as the position of the parent’s car in the line.

It isn’t surprising that PikMyKid surpassed the $1.5 million benchmark in seed capital (primarily raised in central Florida) last month. They want to help private schools, charters and day cares improve upon their child pick up systems. By the end of this year, PikMyKid will be implemented in 100 schools across eight U.S. states, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.