How to Outgrow Your Competition

May 10, 2016


Focus: Communications & Culture – CEO



Yet lately, the conversation about growth has become more urgent, even frantic, as developing markets slow and competition seems to come from everywhere. This session will show how the world’s best businesses have a cause-and-effect relationship between financial performance and their ability to connect with fundamental human emotions, hopes, values, and greater purposes.

Through research, vast experiences, knowledge, and wisdom we’ve come to realize that six questions are universally relevant for every business leader to ask in order to grow.

  1.  What is our higher ideal, our raison d’etre?
  2. Are we living up to our founding ideal?
  3. Is how we work – our culture – coherent with our ideal?
  4.  Is our communication with customers, and ourselves, emanating from this ideal?
  5. How can our ideal elevate our customers’ buying and ownership experience?

Through this session we will help you figure out the importance of having a brand ideal, how to find it, and the five ‘must do’s” to anchor and support the beliefs of the people inside the business and the values the business shares with customers and end users.

So how does this help leaders motivate?

A brand ideal enables leaders to drive results by being absolutely clear and compelling about what they value. Numbers and money alone will not drive great performance and bring or keep valuable people on board. The simpler and more robust your message is will make it translate across varied individuals, teams, groups, divisions, and business units. Ideals do that because they speak to universal human instincts, hopes, and values.


Dan Caccamo

Dan’s experience includes CPG Sales & Shopper Marketing, Dairy Marketing, Project Management, Non-Profit Leadership, and Digital Marketing Innovation.

While there was plenty to learn from the leadership at Proctor & Gamble, Union Carbide, Clorox, and Pactiv (Dan received the “Best of the Best” Leadership Award at Clorox in 2003). Dan prioritized the need to continually expand his experience and education through a variety of industries and functional areas leading to Director of Innovation and Insights (Dairy), Non-Profits (Florida Impact, and Action for Healthy Kids), Business Consulting, and being a partner at CONVERTANT, plus mentoring at business incubators StartUp Quest, and Tampa Bay WaVE.

He currently serves on Non-Profit Boards focused on reducing food insecurity, health & wellness emphasizing nutrition. Dan lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with his wife, and children. As an advocate of work/life balance he is always scheduling time to exercise and as a fan of cooking always consumes nutritious foods.  Playtime includes being a “Waterman” (fishing, diving, sailing, kite boarding, and windsurfing), and playing ice hockey. Caccamo Family outings are centered on concerts and music festivals.