How to Build Out Financials and Set KPI's

April 28, 2016

Join Debra Friar as she teaches how to reduce risk by building a fact-based financial plan with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This will help reduce revenue and cost uncertainty.  In this workshop, you’ll learn to:
– identify direct and indirect revenue drivers
– incorporate full list of above-the-line and the below-the line-costs
– tips and tricks to develop accurate input assumptions for revenue and costs
– build sensitivity analysis for key metrics that have greater levels of uncertainty
– monitor plan performance and adjust assumptions over time to deliver long term profit commitments
Deb Friar has extensive CPG and tech biz dev, marketing, and product dev experience at companies including Pillsbury, Catalina, Conversant, and Coupons.com.  Deb’s responsibilities included leading FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) for dozens of food and tech businesses. Deb has developed and commercialized new products delivering in excess of $80M in both food and marketing tech sectors.

Join Debra Friar as she shares his expertise on the subject!

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