Tampa Bay WaVE’s Scrumble

October 18, 2011

This Friday:

Got any coding that just needs to get done? Not enough hours in the day? Have no fear – Tampa Bay WaVE’s Scrumble is here!

Bring your venture or project and anyone you want to work alongside. We’ve got a place to work, the people for inspiration and even some grub.

This is a 24-hour (or possibly longer) “hack-a-thon” with a name inspired by Rails Rumble. The first of its kind & we may do more if this turns out well! (And no, Ruby/Rails based projects or ventures are not a requirement – bring ‘em all!)

CRANK OUT code, WORK ALONGSIDE some really awesome & talented people, HAVE FUN, …and….GET a whole ‘nother day of your weekend! Hello? Where else would you be??

Special Bonus!!! Reps from Startup Bus will be stopping by. They are working to pull together Tampa’s own Startup Bus for 2012, so if you have ever considered being a part of Startup Bus, you’ll want to be here!

THE SPACE? Tampa Bay WaVE’s “WaVE Pool”

  • Address: 401 S. Florida Avenue (Downtown Tampa)
  • Free Parking (in the dirt lot next door – corner of Channelside Drive & S. Florida Avenue)
  • We’re on the 2nd Floor with plenty of room for 2 dozen or more business and technology innovators & developers


  • BeerBYOB – NOTE: Soda & Ice in a cooler will be provided (even though there is a full-sized refrigerator in the house), along with a big Veggie Platter (while it lasts)
  • We have Ping-Pong too!!! So bring your a-game (great for stress relief and brainstorming)
  • Air mattresses, coffee supplies and other food/snacks to share


  • Friday Night: Official Kickoff at 7pm with Pizza!
  • Saturday Morning: Waffles by Scott. Maybe some poached eggs with cheese and salsa, too. Might bring a cappuccino machine (although Starbucks is close walking distance).
  • Saturday Late Morning: Cinnamon Rolls, muffins
  • Saturday Evening Wrap-Up: We plan to wrap things up & head home by 7pm (but you are welcome to stay & keep working as long as you like)

Yeah, we’ll be there all night. Bring an air mattress, or head home to crash.

Sure! Come Saturday morning if you want.

Hell yeah, hang around as long as you want..


I’ll give any Loser of Table Tennis an energy drink.