Dropost.it Posts Up in Silicon Valley

October 12, 2011

Dropost.it made a trip to San Francisco on Tuesday. Tampa Bay WaVE members, Ty Mathen and Orrett Davis, are going to make their mark at the X.Conference‘s pitch competition called VC Bait. The conference is sponsored by Ebay, PayPal, and Magneto, among many others.

Dropost.it is an application which will allow you to drop notifications for people on specific GPS coordinates. The notifications are gifts, left for you, by others and could range from anything like a spa session for your wife, Rays tickets for your family, or even just a cupcake at CupCake Spot.

Dropost.it was originally pitched during StartUp Weekend Tampa‘s innauguarl event in July 2011. Shortly after, they were accepted into a local incubator program called Gazelle Lab, Tampa Bay’s very first member of the TechStars network.

Pitching at VC Bait, sponsored by PayPal, is a huge opportunity for Dropost.it as the application will rely highly on a payment platform.

Wish the guys luck in any way possible! We know they’ll make us proud!

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