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Community-driven organizations whose support furthers Wave’s mission

We appreciate our sponsors for their significant contributions to the growth of Tampa Bay’s tech startup community. The support of our sponsors help drive the success of Tampa Bay Wave and its tech startups.

Discover the Wave sponsors who support us as we help tech startups build, launch, and grow in Tampa Bay.

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Friends of Wave

Friends of Wave is a program designed to create a group of advocates in the community who support and help advance our up and coming Wave companies.

By becoming a member of Friends of Wave, you will help startups gain recognition, representation, and further the growth of these businesses by creating valuable connections in our Tampa Bay community. Being Friends of Wave will also help promote your business and potentially secure new clientele.


Alex Sink

Founding Member


Kostas Stoilas

Founding Member

rich-herkuska copy

Rich Heruska

Founding Member


Chuck Papageorgiou


Darcy Raymond


Ken Young


Jim Gossett


Shane Needham

For more information on a variety of opportunities to support Tampa Bay Wave’s efforts, please contact us here.