Our Team

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Linda Olson, President
Gracie StemmerMarketing Manager
Stephanie Lindstrom, Director of Development & Business Incubation
Daniel McDonald, Accelerator Manager
Channing Tinker, Accounting

Jeff Goble (Entrepreneur In Residence)
Kenneth Young (Entrepreneur In Residence)
Marc Mandt (Entrepreneur In Residence)
Robyn Spoto (Entrepreneur In Residence)
Rich Heruska (Entrepreneur In Residence)
Kostas Stoilas (Entrepreneur in Residence)
Steven Fiske (Entrepreneur In Residence)

Our History

Founded in 2008, Tampa Bay WaVE, Inc. is a ‘by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs’ 501(c)(3) nonprofit helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into growing tech businesses in Tampa Bay. Today we support over 150 tech startups and over 250 entrepreneurs and other crazy talented techies that call Tampa Bay home.

Tampa Bay WaVE launched its nationally recognized FirstWaVE Venture Center and tech business accelerator program in March 2013, thanks to the 2012 i6 Challenge Grant, awarded to a collaborative regional partnership including the University of South Florida (USF) and Tampa Bay WaVE, along with a network of universities, local businesses, nonprofits and public sector partners. FirstWaVE has been incredibly successful in connecting high-growth startups with mentorship, early stage capital and other critical resources to foster an innovation-driven economy for the region. To date, FirstWaVE has supported over 125 local startups who collectively have created and retained over 500 jobs, and raised over $20 million in outside investment capital, making it one of the critical economic drivers for the region.

Our Mission

“We help entrepreneurs build, launch, grow breakout tech businesses in Tampa Bay”

Our Vision (“50 & 5 in 5”)

Tampa Bay WaVE’s vision over the next 5 years is to help…

  • …at least 50 tech startups develop into successful “fundable” ventures (go from BUILD to LAUNCH) and
  • …at least 5 tech startups reach the path to break-out success (go from LAUNCH to GROW).

Our Framework

With our BUILD-LAUNCH-GROW framework, we have built our services around the specific needs that early stage companies have at each stage. (And while we do not technically provide services for companies still in the IDEA, we are happy to refer folks to our partners in the community who do.)

Our Board

  • Alfred Goldberg, Chair
  • Linda Olson, President
  • Lance Raab, Secretary
  • Anita Camacho, Treasurer
  • Alex Sink
  • Chuck Papageorgiou
  • David Eason
  • Darcy Raymond
  • David Etheredge 
  • Gerwai Todd
  • Jim Gossett
  • Jon Gordon
  • Kostas Stoilas
  • Lindsey Kimball
  • Mark Swanson
  • Nelson Castellano
  • Shane Needham