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A community of investors who fuel the future of technology in Tampa Bay

The Wave Investor Network is an innovative group of investors who are motivated to accelerate the growth of Tampa Bay’s tech startups. We work with qualified accredited investors who are passionate about contributing to the success of Wave’s early-stage tech companies. By joining the Wave Investor Network, you will be a part of a rapidly growing community of people who are invested in the future of local tech startups and the success of Tampa Bay.

Support & grow
Tampa Bay’s tech startups

Investors are essential to the success of local tech startups and the continued growth of Tampa Bay’s tech ecosystem. At Tampa Bay Wave, we are determined to connect our accelerator companies with top-notch, innovative investors who are motivated to help tech startups become successful. Wave’s investors support our early-stage tech companies from birth to Series A to help the entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their startups.


  • Get exclusive access to Wave’s invite-only, private pitch events
  • One-on-one introductions to Wave’s tech startups that are investment-ready and growth-driven
  • Play an active role in Tampa Bay’s growth and success by supporting the next wave of tech startups
  • Monthly newsletters with exclusive news and updates about Wave’s accelerator companies

Seed Fund Opportunity

Tampa Bay Wave has partnered with Stage 1 Ventures, an institutional early-stage venture capital firm right here in Tampa Bay, to provide critical seed fund capital to local startups. This fund, exclusive to startups participating in Wave’s accelerator program, will provide the Tampa Bay tech ecosystem with its first professionally-managed seed fund. This will help to foster a more vibrant innovation-driven economy in the region. The seed fund makes investments between $25,000 and $250,000 in qualified companies. This fund will offer accredited investors an opportunity to participate in a low-risk portfolio approach to investing in early-stage tech companies in the Tampa Bay Wave Accelerator program.

Investment Readiness Program

Companies who graduate the Tampa Bay Wave’s 90-Day Build Program are eligible to be admitted to the Wave Investment Readiness Program (IRP). The purpose of the program is to guide companies in the preparation of the due diligence materials angel investors and venture capital firms will typically review prior to making an investment.

Successful completion of the IRP program will provide your company with a due diligence book ready to be shared with any investor of your choosing or one referred by Tampa Bay Wave. To see a list of the material we work with you to assemble, click the button below.


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