Tech Diversity Accelerator

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The Strength of Our Community Lies in Our Differences

Tampa Bay Wave and The Nielsen Foundation have created the TechDiversity program as a unique opportunity to build strength and value through the varied experiences, values and knowledge of our diverse community.

The technology industry is one of vast diversity. It is made up of individuals who bring remarkable talent and insight to one of the most robust growth sectors in recent history. We celebrate this fact and have designed a program that will ensure it remains true.

The Tampa Bay Wave TechDiversity Accelerator Program gives entrepreneurs of varied backgrounds an opportunity to leverage their diversity for the expressed purpose of realizing their aspirations of success and to make a positive impact on our growing community.


Nielsen Foundation + Tampa Bay Wave

The collaboration between Tampa Bay Wave and The Nielsen Foundation is one that will provide the opportunity for exponential change in the fortunes of many. This focus on diversity in technology is not a unique idea, but it is a notable endeavor in the startup world. Never before have the resources of two organizations been brought together with the singular focus of providing the best tools to startups specifically lead by those of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Criteria for Consideration

Women Forum
  • 51% ownership or operated by a minority, woman, veteran or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender person, or a combination thereof
  • Dedicated management of at least two full-time people
  • Ability to travel to Tampa at least 3 times during the 90-day program
  • Proof of market validation
  • Investable and/or scalable business
  • Viable business plan
  • Financial runaway of at least 6-12 months

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Program Structure

Build, launch and grow are not only the phases of any startup venture, they are the framework by which we support our companies. Our BUILD-LAUNCH-GROW framework provides targeted support for the demands your company will experience that will ultimately lead to success.

Mentorship is one of the single most important tools for any startup founder or CEO. Tampa Bay Wave’s extensive network of mentors provides a unique and diverse group of experts that will provide infinite value throughout your company’s journey toward success.

It’s been said that it’s all about who you know. Tampa Bay Wave’s extensive network of supporters, mentors, entrepreneurs in residence, community advocates and business leaders makes up a tremendous community of people who will provide you and your company a firm foundation for growth.

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Powered by The Nielsen Foundation