Post-Accelerator Program

Creating Lasting Value is our Differentiator

Tampa Bay Wave is one of the only technology accelerators in the country to also offer post-accelerator services. This unique feature allows our companies to continue to grow and succeed beyond the initial 90-day program.

The value of the post-accelerator services both extend the value of the accelerator program but also provide lasting value through continued access to our mentor and investor networks, peer support, member-exclusive discounts and additional programming.

This combination of opportunities is in high demand and that is why Tampa Bay Wave is proud to be accepting applications for our Post-Accelerator Program.

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What is the Post-Accelerator Program

The Post-Accelerator Program is a cohort focused specifically on companies that would fall into the Launch and Grow segments of our BUILD-LAUNCH-GROW framework. These are companies that have launched a product or service, have significant market traction, a minimum revenue/investment threshold and other criteria that designate them as companies focused on growth.

Program Features

Each company in our accelerator program is assigned to a dedicated Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) who will guide them through the program. EIRs are your advocate, they provide counsel and make connections to other valuable resources.

Mentorship is one of the single most valuable tools for any startup founder or CEO. Tampa Bay Wave’s extensive network of mentors provides a unique and diverse group of experts that will provide applicable knowledge throughout your company’s journey toward success.

Tampa Bay Wave is a member of GAN (Global Accelerator Network, InBIA (International Business Innovation Association), Union/1776, and the Startup Champions Network each with a wide selection of tools, partner discounts, and support resources.

Criteria for Consideration


  • Market Validation & Sales: Paying customers and/or paid pilots. Prefer at least $100,000 in sales and/or significant market traction.
  • Dedicated Management Team: The founding team is full-time and exclusively focused on the company
  • Investable Business: Existing pitch assets and/or an angel round of at least $100,000
  • Governance & Legal Structure: Executed Operating Agreement
  • Accounting & Finance: Existing budget and financial model with a qualified accounting platform
  • Business Plan: Documented, viable and scalable
  • Financial Runway: At least 6-12 months
  • Membership Fee: $2,400 annually


  • Launch Criteria: Company must meet or exceed the Launch stage criteria
  • Annual Revenue and/or Capital Raised: $1M in annual recurring revenue or $1M Series A or above
  • Scalable Marketing & Sales Process: Can demonstrate results and repeatable market traction
  • Standard Operating Procedures: Active and documented operating processes and procedures
  • Executive Management Team: Three or more full-time members
  • Team Growth: At least 10 full-time employees
  • Human Resources: Active and documented operating processes and procedures
  • Advisory Board: Recommended
  • Membership Fee: $2,400 annually

Join Tampa Bay Wave’s Post-Accelerator Program

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