WaVE Women Entrepreneur Forums

A group of women entrepreneurs engaging in discussions and working together to progress in their ventures.


The Tampa Bay WaVe Women’s Forum is a dedicated effort within the nationally-recognized FirstWaVE Accelerator program designed to empower, support and learn from Tampa women entrepreneurs and business executives.

These forums are a selected group of Tampa women entrepreneurs seeking coaching and support from other women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

These forums are carefully structured to promote the optimal environment for training and mentoring discussions. Each forum will consist of women startup entrepreneurs with a business in the startup phase, and seasoned women coaches. To create a sense of trust and intimacy, each forum will be limited in size to a group of no more than 12 women with a balanced split of women startup entrepreneurs and seasoned coaches.


Criteria to be considered:

Launch and Grow Women Entrepreneurs Group

  1. Tampa Bay women technology startup founders & co-founders focused on the startup full time. We need women serious about growing a new company that may be in a launch or grow phase of their new start up.
  2. Local women business leaders in C-suite positions or own their business with at least 5 years in the role.

Build Phase Women Entrepreneurs Group

  1. Tampa Bay women in the pre-revenue business phase still building and validating their idea with a market. These women may be employed full time with a plan to exit employment to run their business.
  2. Local women business executives with at least 5 years in a VP or higher level role.

Forum Structure:

  • Groups meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Tampa Bay WaVe offices for a 2 hour meeting.
    • Each meeting is facilitated by our program director using a proven roundtable approach focused on solving real-life problems.
  • Entrepreneurs will present a current challenge in their business
    • All forum members have the opportunity to ask questions to clarify the situation or learn more
  • Each forum member offers their own advice, one by one.
  • The presenting entrepreneur shares items she’d like to activate based on the discussion and must report back at the next forum.


Once a year there will be also be an organized Women-In-Tech event with panel presentations meant to inspire, motivate and advocate the women-owned business support efforts in our area. Plus, the event will include a special investor pitch opportunity for the local women-owned businesses to a very targeted group of women investors.

Program champion and facilitator:

Headshot of Robyn Spoto
Robyn Spoto
Founder, SpotOn Digital Media
CoFounder, MamaBear App

If you would like to participate as an entrepreneur or coach, please contact Robyn Spoto.