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The largest pool of Experts in Tampa Bay

Glenn Zimmerman

Video Marketing Campaigns

Debbie Bradley

Sales Process

Tom Panaggio

Direct Marketing/Strategy

Samantha Dammer

Business Law/Contracts
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Krystin Olinski

Public Relations | Press Marketing
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Michael LaPlante

UI/UX/Design/Front End Development
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Bob DeCecco

Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Kostas Stoilas

Commercial Real Estate

Elisabeth Cullivan

Product Marketing|Positioning|Strategy

Ebony Grimsley

B2C Digital Marketing/Publicity/Promotions
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Jake Filloramo

Accelerator Program Manager
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Michael Clemens

Technology Staffing
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Jennette Maxwell

Marketing Communications/Project Management/Corporate Event Planning

Wayne Harper

Intellectual Property Attorney

Eric Pellenbarg

Brand Protection | Intellectual Property

Steve Wilson

Mobile App Development
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Nick Veneris

Digital Marketing/Community Management/Bootstrapping/Content Strategy
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Shane Needham

Brand, Marketing, Advertising, Digital
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David Blacker

Digital media/ Human Resources/ Early stage growth/ OD/ succession planning

Brent Britton

Pitching to Investors | Legal (Funding, Contracts, IP) | General Business Advice

Debra Friar

Customer Development | Marketing strategy | CRM |Product Management | Customer Insight | Business Development | Advertising

Jon Gordon

System level software, enterprise software, semiconductors instrumentation, new business development, strategic planning, licensing IP, and raising capital
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Mitch Neff

Social business, brand marketing strategy, metrics analysis, digital audit development, process/systems innovation, product and campaign development
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Gerwai Todd

Business development, leadership, sales management, strategic planning, solution selling, business strategy, and software development
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Renee Dabbs

Strategic Sales | Brand Management |Government Affairs

Ali Walter

Business Models | Strategy | Operations | Marketing & Branding

Derek Woryn

E-Commerce Websites|Business Development

Larry Nicholson

Business Plans | Marketing Plans | Project Management| Process Improvement
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Kenji kuramoto

Accounting & Finance for Startups
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Brian Mackay

Web Development | Independent Development Coach
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Dan Caccamo

Digital Marketing, Branding, B2C Sales, Product Innovation, and Consumer Insights

Jake Burns

Email Marketing

Robin Weston

Telecommunications | Data Networking | Social Entrepreneurship

Nate Lamb

Tax Planning | Corporate Structuring
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Lindsey Beggan

Human Resources | Benefits |Payroll
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Meg Roberts

Marketing | Advertising | Branding | Digital Marketing | Content Strategy | Social Media | Influencer Marketing
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Vadim Omeltchenko

AWS for Startups | Amazon Web Services | Cloud Computing | Systems Engineering and Architecture

Louis Bernucca

Business | Marketing | Retailing

Murray Anne Bowers

Staffing for Startups | Networking in the right places

Tony Stephens

Sales | Marketing
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Fanny Leal

Project Management | Portfolio Strategy | Agile Software Development
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Lesley Bateman

Branding | Lead Generation | Digital Marketing | IPOs | Internal Employee Communications
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