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Smarter consumers all together

Start-up creating the platform for connected, social, and mobile consumers to manage the products they want and own. Consumers can now maximize value and minimize hassle by gaining easy access to related information, advice, and support from the social network or the product companies. m-ize enables product companies to reach, engage, and wow all these smarter consumers.

Mize, Inc. (m-ize) connects brands with consumers using a combination of social, mobile and cloud technologies. The m-ize brand portal, platform services and consumer-facing smartphone apps provide a unique and comprehensive solution for today's consumer-centric marketplace.

Brands, OEMs, retailers and service providers can accelerate revenue growth and customer loyalty by utilizing the platform to market, sell and support their products. The m-ize service platform provides a comprehensive set of tools that delivers Smarter Customer Engagement.

Smarter Customer Engagement: Exponential growth of smartphones and social media usage has resulted in billions of always connected, mobile and social consumers worldwide. These smart consumers increasingly rely on their smart devices and social networks to learn about products, make purchase decisions and get support.

Brands increasingly face the risk of losing market share and revenue from these social, mobile consumers. Existing channels of customer communications are rapidly becoming irrelevant, disconnected and ineffective. Smarter Customer Engagement is accomplished through a set of Smart Blox which can be quickly assembled, configured and customized to meet brand strategies and requirements. These pre-integrated modules accelerate time to market and greatly reduce budget requirements