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Check out these exciting ‘Companies to Watch’ who are on the path to breakout success in Tampa Bay. Each of these post-revenue companies are generating $1 million in annual sales and/or have raised $1 million in a single investment round. Collectively, current member companies have raised over $71MM in investment capital & created and retained over 200 jobs.

CEO Grow Roundtable Membership

Want to Sharpen Your Business with CEOs, Executives, & Founders Like You? Lead the Charge in Tampa Bay!

Designed for: chief executives and founders running post-revenue high-growth-potential startups in Tampa Bay that are on the path to breakout success.

Qualifications: The founder/CEO’s company must meet Tampa Bay WaVE’s GROW-level criteria with at least $1MM in annual sales and/or $1MM raised in a single investment round. These companies are typically post-revenue and are seeking first institutional round of investment capital, although that is not a requirement.

What you get…

How you get it…

Energized thinking & fresh perspectives with trusted confidential advice
  • Monthly peer group meetings held with a “Local Person of Influence”
  • Access to qualified professional services, mentors, advisers, and talent
Solid, warm introductions to potential clients and capital sources
  • Via monthly 1-on-1 calls or in-person consultations with a dedicated GROW EiR
Increased visibility for your company regionally & nationally
  • As a “Company To Watch” on WaVE’s website, collateral, and blog
  • Social media boost for your company though WaVE’s channels
Focus on the big picture & let WaVE assist you with short-term or long-term talent needs
  • Assistance with finding project-specific or dedicated student interns
  • Unlimited job-postings

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