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Meet our Mentors

Chuck Papageorgiou

Operations Management, Technology, Turn-Arounds, Mergers and Acquisitions Pre and Post Integration, Change Management

Kirk Burton

Business development, open innovation, business intelligence and market research, technology consulting, and root cause analysis

Nelson Castellano

Attorney, law, corporate law, and securities law

Tony DiBennedeto

Leadership, start-ups, cloud computing, Microsoft Dynamics, SaaS, professional services, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, and management consulting
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Robert Francis

Management consulting, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, international business, management, restructuring, and strategies
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Debra Friar

Customer Development | Marketing strategy | CRM |Product Management | Customer Insight | Business Development | Advertising
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Alfred Goldberg

Mobile devices, mobile marketing, mobile strategy, mobile applications, project management, leadership, marketing strategy, e-commerce, and analysis

Jon Gordon

System level software, enterprise software, semiconductors instrumentation, new business development, strategic planning, licensing IP, and raising capital

Chad Jaquays

Lead generation, SEO, web analytics, affiliate marketing, PPC, online advertising, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate development

Ricardo Lasa

Management, financial analysis, marketing, entrepreneurship, MIS, data warehousing, data mining, and interface design
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Marc Mandt

SMB advertising, classified and print advertising, telemarketing sales, voiceover work, and do not call compliance
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Tim Hayes

Leadership, customer support, customer experience, customer relations, worldwide product technical support, and performance management
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Mitch Neff

Social business, brand marketing strategy, metrics analysis, digital audit development, process/systems innovation, product and campaign development

Indraneel Paul

Turn-arounds, business strategy, management, leadership, business development, business valuation, and the lean-startup

Lance Raab

Entrepreneurship, online marketing, strategy, domain names, marketing strategy, business development, nonprofits, and executive management

Gerwai Todd

Business development, leadership, sales management, strategic planning, solution selling, business strategy, and software development
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Jim Gossett

Strategy, vision and mission planning, transformational innovation, sales, marketing, software development, contract negotiations, strategic alliances
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Dan Nolan

Strategic planning and execution, leadership development, energy security, strategic communications, management, decision analysis, change management
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Enrico Palumbo

Business development, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Business Modeling, Executive Coaching

Ashok Kartham

Product Management, Enterprise Software, Executive Management, Customer Lifecycle Management

Darcy Raymond

Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Digital Strategy

Steve Johnston

Startup Coaching, Strategic Planning, New Business Development, Financial Analysis
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Daniel Caccamo

Marketing Strategy, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Business Development, Trade Marketing
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Tom Panaggio

Problem Solving, Public Speaking, Marketing Consultation, Opportunity and Risk Management
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Kenneth Ervin Young

Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Coach

Nick Outman

Attorney – venture capital & angel investing, lending, entity formation, general corporate, contracts

Marshall Tucker

Manager Corporate Business Development in the Business Strategy, Policy and Analysis department at Tampa Electric Company.

Kunal Jain

Healthcare, Information Technology, Startup Funding
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Phil Pillsbury

SaaS, IoT, Sales Alignment/Engagement, Analytics, Negotiations
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Santo Cannone

Product Management/Go-to-Market, Sales, Operations, Financial Technology
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Richard Munassi, MD MBA

Healthcare Technology, Medical Device, Health IT, Early Stage Business Development

Scott Mulhollen

Risk Management, Commercial Insurance

Greg D'Ambrosio

Risk Management, Insurance Placement and Financing, Captives & Business Continuity

Mario Rodriquez

Leadership, Operations, Management, Compliance, Employment Matters
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Lindsey Kimball

Economic Development, Doing Business with Government
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John Morrow

Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
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Jeff Goble

Leadership, strategy, inter-personal communication, organizational design, management climate

Greg Bosl

M&A, Capital Raising, Financial Modeling, Operational Analytics, Organizational Structure

Renz Kuipers

Financial planning, Financial modeling

Tom Gaffney

Software Development, Mobile App Development, Amazon Web Services, Professional Services
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Chandra Clines

Tax, Accounting Services, Bookkeeping
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Sam Mallikarjunan

Innovation and Growth, Expansion
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Robyn Spoto

Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Leadership, Business Development, Advertising, Team Development

Susan Nieland

Finance, Accounting, Financial Modeling, Cash Management, Strategic Planning, Tax Planning

Shri Goyal

General Mentoring Support, Information Technology, Business Strategy and Planning

Deon Bradley

Founders, Team-Building, Sales, Growth, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships
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Brant Anderson

Barcoding, SEO, License Agreements, Working from Home, Outsourcing
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Jordan Casal

Sales Strategy, Product Development, Strategic Market Assessment, Experience Design
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Marc Matyas

Culinary/Cooking/Catering, Start-ups, Expansion, Technology Usability, Marketing, Government Navigation, Psychology

Kailah Matyas

Human Capital, Strategic Planning/Development, Start-Ups, Investments, Operations

David Eason

Telecommunications, Wireless Technology, Business Strategy, Business Development

Richard McIntyre

Business Litigation, Transactional Work, Legal
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Dominic Natale

Early Stage Startups, Business Strategy, Sales Strategy, Marketing
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Dave DeVelder

Sales, Sales Management, Business Management Roundtables, Marketing Strategy/tactics, Presentation Skills
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Dominic Olszowski

Executive Search, Leadership Advisory, Executive Mentoring, International Business Development

George Antony

Capital Raise, Performance Management, Operations, Strategy, Talent Management

Javier Zuniga

Corporate/Partnership Tax, International Tax, R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation Studies

Rich Heruska

Leadership & Company Culture, "Boot-Strapping" Start Ups, Franchising, Sales, Operations
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Kostas Stoilas

Fundraising, Startup Planning, Commercial Real Estate, Office Leasing, Investments
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Janice Pratt

Branding, Brand Promotion, Marketing Communications, Corporate Identity programs
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Diana Hayes

Business Transactions, Intellectual Property law

Stewart Kelly

Sales Strategy, Contract Negotiations, Diversity, Innovation, Relationships

Scott Winston

Scale Business, Investment Readiness, Dashboards/Performance Management, Leadership Development, Team Building, Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma

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